Whatever the activity, sector, or company size, companies today are facing a resurgence of competition, social and economic changes, and an acceleration of technological evolutions.

Context Summary

A company in perpetual movement must embark on stimulating projects, and in particular, those projects which value the potential of innovation and successful entry into new markets. However, a company must do so in accordance with regulations, a focus on mandatory results and return on investment

of small and average sized company managers who have started their businesses based on their technical expertise are also responsible for their company’s commercial business development.

of small and average sized companies have prioritized commercial business development but often, due to lack of time, expertise or means, such commercial development has become less of a focus.

of small and average sized companies work on sales business development non- systematically and on a case by case basis or only when such opportunities arise.

DEVENSO’s approach is to allow these small and average sized company managers to focus on their expertise by outsourcing their commercial business development activities, thus allowing the company to transform fixed costs into variable costs

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