I offer a customized commercial business development management service through its unique approach considering the various steps below:

  • STEP 1 : What’s your expectation?

    Identify the area of competence : The definition of “skill” is the ability to do something well; expertise. It is DEVENSO promise to their partners to understand the culture, environment, and product line to be the expert in driving future growth. DEVENSO adaptability is the key to a prosperous future.

    Diagnosis : The diagnosis will be accomplished by working closely with management and their team members. The more transparent the relationship is, the better the analysis of the diagnosis will be.

    Needs assessment : The definition of the need will be sequential to setting expectations and determining the diagnoses. My goal is to understand the current situation and develop a growth plan. The intent of the growth plan is to take the existing company to its full potential by strategically aligning to the external environment.

    Blocking point analysis : Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Understand the situation holistically, develop a root cause analysis, understand the root cause and provide solutions

  • Step 2: Roadmap

    Through collaboration we will develop a commercial strategy. If there are any objections or hesitation such as – “Why, I know my customer, my product and the market!”.

    I will challenge the status quo to drive your company to its full potential.

    3-5 years setting up plan : Nothing is more comfortable than starting a year, an activity with visibility in the medium or long term. Nothing is more reassuring for finance than seeing that the future has been planned

    Implementation of monitoring tools : Many owners do not have the time to solely focus on customers and track them; I will be the expert in developing monitoring tools to your company for a successful and profitable future.

    Development of a simple and effective methodology : There is a well-known French saying from the school The Cadre Noir: “Move forwards, stay calm and straight.”
    Whatever your goal is, I will adapt itself to support the initiative.

  • Phase 3: Operational Support

    Sales leading in France and / or International : We will provide support at the customer when requested.

    National and / or International Negotiations : Consultation during sensitive and tough negotiations

    Help in new market entry : The more a company develop its exchanges, the more technologies and ideas spread.

    Development of competitive strategy against the competition : Anticipating and adapting to the competition and external environment will improve productivity by continuously challenging the status quo.

Devenso is not just a consulting activity, it is an investment in the success of your company to provide a positive human experience.

DEVENSO also provides the following packages:

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